"Guide to the" -series covers statistics of major football
tournaments and Formula One races. Project started in year 1996.

Downloads from this site:
Newest "Guide to the"-series Amigaguide-documents can be downloaded from links below.
For viewing on Amiga you need at least Workbench v2 with amigaguide-datatype installed.
For viewing on PC you need to download WinGuide-program (by Steven Eckles).

Guide to the World Cup (v2.06) updated 24.07.2019
Guide to the European Championships (v1.38) updated 11.06.2019
Guide to the Formula One Championships (v5.26) updated 04.08.2019

I started World Cup -project in 1996 partly because I wasn't able to get my hands on any soccer-related
cd-roms available for Amiga. On a different view, I have read lots and lots of World Cup books
and practically every book has more or less different statistics. So my aim is still to make this guide
a perfect statistic package.
It's hard and probably impossible to create such a thing but the show still goes on.

Nowadays I use WinUAE on a Vista-based PC to maintain these guides.
Guides are typed using CygnusEd and then converted into HTML with GuideML (by Unsatisfactory Software).
And then with Filezilla transferred to my homepage.
Of course I still use my several Amigas (and C64's, C128's, Vic-20's) for other purposes.
Amiga-SWOS and C64-Emlyn Hughes still beat hands down modernday footballgames, I think.

World Cup - first version (v0.1) 12.6.1996
World Cup - first Aminet-release (v1.00) 28.9.1997
Euro Champ - first version (v0.1) 12.6.1998
Euro Champ - first Aminet-release (v0.5) 28.10.1998
F1 Champ - first version (v0.1) 1.11.1998
F1 Champ - first Aminet-release (v1.0) 9.12.1998
World Cup - latest Aminet-release (v2.06) 16.07.2018 Readme
Euro Champ - latest Aminet-release (v1.37) 10.07.2016 Readme
F1 Champ - latest Aminet-release (v5.14) 25.11.2018 Readme

World Cup - (v2.02) was 15th downloaded file (275 downloads) on July 2014.
F1 Champ - (v4.33) was 29th downloaded file (181 downloads 23.-30.11.) on November 2014.
F1 Champ - (v4.52) was 1st downloaded file (181 downloads 1.-15.12.) on December 2015.
Euro Champ - (v1.35) was 5th downloaded file (292 downloads 13.-31.12.) on December 2015.
World Cup - (v2.05) was 13th downloaded file (253 downloads 1.-31.12.) on December 2017.

Guides have also featured on:
- Amiga Format issue 130 coverdisk 130a includes World Cup -guide v1.26.
- Amiga Information Online issue 8 has a review of World Cup -guide v1.02
- Aminet Set 8 (4 cd-compilation) guides are in the recommended list.
- Cd-compilation Just Football (publisher: Faces Of Mars) includes Euro Champ and World Cup -guides.
- Cd-compilation Formula 1 Manager Enhanced (publisher: Faces Of Mars) includes F1 Champ -guide.
- HD Utilities issue 9 (by Miro Hacek) includes World Cup -guide v1.04.