09.08.2020 F1-2020 points updated: 70th Anniversary GP (Verstappen-Hamilton-Bottas)
09.08.2020 Downloads updated: F1Champ-Amigaguide v5.41
09.08.2020 F1 wins/points updated: 9th win for Dutch drivers.
09.08.2020 F1 career wins updated: 9th win for Verstappen.
09.08.2020 F1 career points updated: Hamilton leads (3538 points)
08.08.2020 F1 pole positions updated: Drivers (Bottas) Constructors (Mercedes)
02.08.2020 F1-2020 points updated: British GP (Hamilton-Verstappen-Leclerc)
19.07.2020 F1-2020 points updated: Hungarian GP (Hamilton-Verstappen-Bottas)
12.07.2020 F1-2020 points updated: Styrian GP (Hamilton-Bottas-Verstappen)
05.07.2020 F1-2020 points updated: Austrian GP (Bottas-Leclerc-Norris)
17.03.2020 WC 2022 updated qualifications: CAF 2nd round.
14.12.2019 F1-2020: updated constructors and drivers.
01.12.2019 F1-2019 points updated: Abu Dhabi GP (Hamilton-Verstappen-Leclerc)
20.11.2019 Euro 2021 upd. qualifications: 10 matches.Wales qualify.
19.11.2019 WC 2022 updated qualifications: AFC 16 matches.

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