"Guide to the" -series covers statistics of major football
tournaments and Formula One races. Project started in year 1996.

Downloads from this site:
Newest "Guide to the"-series Amigaguide-documents can be downloaded from links below.
For viewing on Amiga you need at least Workbench v2 with amigaguide-datatype installed.
For viewing on PC you need to download WinGuide-program (by Steven Eckles).

Guide to the World Cup (v2.11) updated 12.06.2024
Guide to the European Championships (v1.43) updated 10.07.2024
Guide to the Formula One Championships (v6.34) updated 07.07.2024

I started World Cup -project in 1996 partly because I wasn't able to get my hands on any soccer-related
cd-roms available for Amiga. On a different view, I have read lots and lots of World Cup books
and practically every book has more or less different statistics. So my aim is still to make this guide
a perfect statistic package.
It's hard and probably impossible to create such a thing but the show still goes on.

Nowadays I use WinUAE on a PC to maintain these guides.
Guides are typed using CygnusEd and then converted into HTML with GuideML (by Unsatisfactory Software).
And then with Filezilla transferred to my homepage.
Of course I still use my several Amigas (and C64's, C128's, Vic-20's) for other purposes.
Amiga-SWOS and C64-Emlyn Hughes still beat hands down modernday footballgames, I think.

World Cup - first version (v0.1) 12.6.1996
World Cup - first Aminet-release (v1.00) 28.9.1997
Euro Champ - first version (v0.1) 12.6.1998
Euro Champ - first Aminet-release (v0.5) 28.10.1998
F1 Champ - first version (v0.1) 1.11.1998
F1 Champ - first Aminet-release (v1.0) 9.12.1998
World Cup - latest Aminet-release (v2.11) 27.06.2023 Readme
Euro Champ - latest Aminet-release (v1.42) 19.03.2023 Readme
F1 Champ - latest Aminet-release (v6.21) 26.11.2023 Readme

World Cup - (v2.02) was 15th downloaded file (275 downloads) on July 2014.
F1 Champ - (v4.33) was 29th downloaded file (181 downloads 23.-30.11.) on November 2014.
F1 Champ - (v4.52) was 1st downloaded file (181 downloads 1.-15.12.) on December 2015.
Euro Champ - (v1.35) was 5th downloaded file (292 downloads 13.-31.12.) on December 2015.
World Cup - (v2.05) was 13th downloaded file (253 downloads 1.-31.12.) on December 2017.

Guides have also featured on:
- Amiga Format issue 130 coverdisk 130a includes World Cup -guide v1.26.
- Amiga Information Online issue 8 has a review of World Cup -guide v1.02
- Aminet Set 8 (4 cd-compilation) guides are in the recommended list.
- Cd-compilation Just Football (publisher: Faces Of Mars) includes Euro Champ and World Cup -guides.
- Cd-compilation Formula 1 Manager Enhanced (publisher: Faces Of Mars) includes F1 Champ -guide.
- HD Utilities issue 9 (by Miro Hacek) includes World Cup -guide v1.04.